Jeffry Dwight


I have two novels in the final-draft stage, where they've been stuck for a least a decade. At some point, I shall release them to the world. You have been warned.

Like many authors, I have actual file drawers filled with novels written when I was very young (and much more energetic). The technical term for such is juvenilia, but "crap" is more descriptive. My will specifically directs these manuscripts be burned upon my death. In the meantime, whenever I'm feeling cocky about something, I pull one of them out, shudder, and remember that enthusiasm is no substitute for skill.

Short Stories

Mortal Dreads
Mortal Dreads
Kindle edition

Trade Paperback


I've committed book from time to time. Most of these are out of print, but, hey, you might get lucky!

Web Publishing Electronic Resource Kit (Contributing author)
Special Edition Using CGI, Second Edition (Lead author)
Special Edition Using CGI (Co-author)
CGI by Example (Co-author)
Platinum Edition Using HTML 3.2, Java 1.1, & CGI (Contributing author)
Bunch of chapters here and there in various programming books.
Bunch of programs, source code, and text on various programming CDs.


I have appeared in several anthologies, mostly between 1994 and 2004. The one with the largest exposure was probably Witch Fantastic, published by DAW Books, 1995, edited by Mike Resnick and Marty Greenberg.

I also had the privilege of being the series editor for the SFF Net Darkfire Anthology Series. Some of the Darkfire books are still available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or collectors. The first volume was not print-on-demand, so is very hard to find. The others are still registered in Books in Print, so your local bookstore should be able to order them.

"A stunning collection of inventive, well-written science fiction stories awaits you in this finely edited, attractively bound collection." — Jack Crane

"I was impressed with the quality offered here and especially with the scope of imagination the stories evidenced. Overall I rate this as a top-notch collection and well-worth buying." — David L. Felts

Volume I: Between the Darkness and the Fire, edited by Jeffry Dwight
Volume II: The Age of Reason, edited by Kurt Roth
Volume III: The Age of Wonders, edited by Jeffry Dwight
Volume IV: Bones of the World, edited by Bruce Holland Rogers
Volume V: Beyond the Last Star, edited by Sherwood Smith

Darkfire Anthology Series